KILL INSECTS ON POT PLANT, To get rid of insects on a pot plants, put the plant in a clear plastic bag, such as a garbage bag, add a few mothballs and seal it for a week. When you take the plant out of the bag, your plant will be insect-free and the moth will stay away for a while.

REPEL MICE FROM THE GARAGE OR SHED, Don’t let mice spend their winter holiday in your garage and the mice will seek other quarters. To keep mice out of your garden shed or glasshouse, put the mothballs around the base of wrapped or covered plants.

KEEP DOGS AND CATS AWAY FROM THE GARDEN, Don’t throw out old mothballs, Scatter them around your gardens and flowerbeds to keep cats, dogs and rodents away. Animals hate the smell.

KEEP BATS AT BAY, Bats won’t invade your attic if you scatter a few mothballs around. Add some mothballs to the boxes you store in the attic and silverfish will stay away, too.