Did you know? An Ancient Chinese and Greeks discovered that certain rare stone, called iodestones, same direction when allowed to swing freely, Man-made magnets come in many shapes and sizes, but every magnet has a north pole and a south pole. If you break a magnet into pieces, each piece, no matter how small, will have a north and south pole. The magnetic field, which every magnet creates, has long been used to harness energy.

Magnet are very useful in our daily life, It can be found nearly everywhere, So what you can you do with magnet?

CLEAN UP A NAIL SPILL, Keep a strong magnet on your workbench. Next time you spill a jar of small items like nails, screws, tacks or washers, save time and energy and let the magnet help pick them up for you.

PAPERCLIPS,  Are your paperclips all over the place? Place a magnet in your office desk drawer to keep the paperclips together.

LINE DRAWERS, Pages from large magazines with heavy, coated paper make fantastic liners for small dressing table and desk drawers. Look for advertisement with especially colourful designs or pictures, then cut out the pages, place them inside the drawer and press around the edges to define where you need to trim each page to make a snug fit.

PREVENT A FROZEN CAR LOCK, Here’s a great way to use fridge magnets during the cold of winter. Place them over the outside door lock of your car overnight and they will keep the locks from freezing.

STORE A BROOM IN A HANDY PLACE, Why run to the hall cupboard every time you need to sweep the kitchen? Instead, just use a crew to attach a magnet about halfway down the broom handle. Then store the broom, attached to the side of your refrigerator between the fridge and the wall, where it will remain hidden until you are ready to use it.